Andrea Kirwin

Folk, Roots, Reggae, Funk and Soul with an Island Style Roll

Andrea Kirwin is an Australian-Fijian Artist/Producer based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. With a warm stage presence, retro soulful sound and a knack for storytelling, Andrea has been steadily building a national following since the release of her first album, 'From the Ground Up' in 2013. She writes and arranges her songs by weaving melodies and lyrics together with purpose and passion much like the way her Fijian grandmother used to weave pandanus mats in the village on the island of Matuku, Lau. Andrea's sound can be described as an earthy blend of folk, roots, reggae, blues, funk and soul and she waxes and wanes between her more gentler folk/soul tunes as a solo artist, and her upbeat groove based songs that she performs with her talented band.

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Her most recent 17 track live album, titled, 'A Quiet Revolution' (released February 2017), features Andrea and her sister Litia Kirwin performing original songs with beautiful island harmonies on acoustic guitar, cigar box guitar and ukuleles. The album also includes some chilled cover songs from Tracy Chapman, Sting, The Beatles, Rodriguez and 'Amazing Grace'.

“Andrea Kirwin has a rare voice that runs deep....deep enough to carry you back to an era where the way an artist delivered their message was everything.” - LIOR

"When I heard Andrea I was totally excited to hear such a competent, unique and exciting new songwriter. It is one of the joys of being a musician, traveling the globe and hearing exciting music that I wouldn’t have found at home, yet it is a rare joy. I find there are many competent yet mediocre musicians out there and Andrea was way above anything I had heard for a long long time." - KRISTINA OLSEN