An image of Las Chimilitas standing/sitting in front of a brick and concrete wall.

Las Chimilitas are a female vocal trio inspired by passionate Spanish and Latin American melodies and rhythms that take you on an emotion-filled journey that will have your heart pounding long after the performance is finished.

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Influenced by diverse Hispanic folk traditions and artists they invoke an ancestral and timeless connection to land and people while exploring the rawness and purity of the voice with a special focus on a cappella harmonies and vocal percussion, as a medium for conveying and evoking a vast array of human emotions.

As a female ensemble they draw on their vulnerability and profound sense of aesthetics and musicianship to offer compelling renditions of their own original compositions as well as unique, fresh, delicate, and intricate arrangements of inspired powerful and evocative songs.

Their show is ideal for festival stages and intimate settings where the audience is
keen to listen and attend to detail.

“The talented Chimilitas will take you on a very personal journey with their beautiful harmonies, romantic sounds and a burst of passion to help you dance the night away! A performance from the heart” - Maria Bowering -

Image Credit: Jacques Maudy Photography