Nadia & The Blue Flamingo

Children and families will be entertained and musically inspired by Nadia Sunde in her new show, Nadia & The Blue Flamingo.

Nadia & The Blue Flamingo combines puppetry, music, comedy and audience participation in an engaging and heartfelt tale of friendship. Suitable for children aged 3 - 8 and their families. Nadia Sunde is an internationally awarded childrenʼs songwriter, a published childrenʼs author and a sublime entertainer for children and families. She has written Nadia & the Blue Flamingo with Jeff Licence, early childhood teacher, media education specialist, author and filmmaker.

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A singing south wind flutters into town... weaving a playful dance around Nadiaʼs washing line and filling the air with magic and song. With a dash of imagination, a hint of mayhem and a basket full of hope, Nadia and her audience discover true friends can sometimes be found right under your toes...

“It was important for me to craft a theatre show celebrating the wonder of domestic family life. We remember that, just like the candles on a birthday cake, a wee puff of wind holds enough magic to make anything possible. Children are inherently joyful beings and recognise the magic in everyday moments. Thatʼs how they charm us into getting up at 5am to cook their porridge and we get to enjoy a sunrise we otherwise would have missed!” said Nadia.

Nadia & The Blue Flamingo premiered at MusicPlay Children's Festival - Melbourne Recital Centre - 20 January 2011.