Lord Mayor's City Hall Concerts

City Hall Concerts take place in Brisbane City Hall from February through to November every Tuesday from 12-1pm. Concerts are FREE and no booking is required.



Muses Trio - Tuesday 6th March
Muses Trio discover, perform, collaborate, commission and record outstanding musical works written by women. Muses Trio are Christa Powell (Topology), Louise King (Cello Dreaming) and Therese Milanovic (Topology) who bring this relatively unknown yet vastly deserving collection of music to the stage and to enthralled audiences.

Kelly Family Band – Tuesday 20th March
The Kelly Family band are both Irish and Australian born and play family folk music with Celtic and American influences. They are regulars on the Australian festival circuit and have also played in Europe where they took on Prague, Liepzig, Berlin, Poland, Paris, Alsace, Milan, Provence, and Ireland to name a few, phew! Family bands are one of life’s super special creations and the Kelly family band are such an organism. Three kids and two adults all with happy demeanours make their Irish sound with joy, love, tensions and all the ups and downs that come with family life.

Estampa – Tuesday 10th April
Evoking visions of Parisian laneways, South American sensuality, and European folk-music, Es-tampa delivers an energetic, internationally-inspired performance. Combining a unique blend of vio-lin, voice, piano accordion and double bass, this group of fiery musicians is sure to appeal to a di-verse and eager-to-dance audience. Expect an eclectic experience that will leave you feeling like you’ve entered a 1930’s Parisian jazz club or the streets of São Paulo. World/Folk Jazz Quartet ‘Es-tampa' is comprised of Rebecca Karlen on violin, vocals and percussion, Paul Henderson on guitar, John Reeves on accordion and Helen Svoboda on bass and vocals.

Collister & Fix - Tuesday 1st May
She draws her inspiration from the Celtic mysteries of the Isle of Man, in the middle of the Irish Sea. He has both the dry deserts of Australia and a German heritage in his blood. Between them, vocalist Christine Collister and guitarist Michael Fix create a rare musical synergy, balancing unique arrangements of timeless songs with their own unforgettable compositions, transcending cultures and musical traditions to enrapture audiences wherever they perform. With Christine’s sultry, sensuous voice, combining with Michael’s exquisite guitar playing, the listener is forever transported to places in the soul where only music can take you.

Bush Gothic - Tuesday 29th May
Rattled by the bones of convicts and steeped in campfire smoke, Bush Gothic perform darker, stranger Australian folk. Defiantly modern, achingly old, this most daring of Australian bush bands from Melbourne, Australia perform songs of criminal women and desperate men from an era of transportation, adventure and gold.