Flamenco Workshop Series with Francesca "La Chica" Grima and Andrej Vujicic (Sunshine Coast)

Flamenco Workshop Series with Francesca "La Chica" Grima and Andrej Vujicic (Sunshine Coast)

From March 03, 2016 until March 05, 2016

At Verrierdale Hall

As part of Flamenco Fire’s national touring, Red Chair will again be hosting a Flamenco Workshop Series on the Sunshine Coast with visiting international artists direct from Spain – dancer Francesca “La Chica” Grima and percussionist Andrej Vujicic – and renowned guitarist / director – Andrew Veivers.
The course is structured so students can attend all workshops if desired. Places are strictly limited so registration is essential to avoid disappointment.

NB. Flamenco singing workshops with international guest artist Olayo Jimenez will be held on Wednesday 17th + Thursday 18th February. For details - www.redchair.com.au
Please see individual workshop/course details and pricing below. Full course option (including all dance, percussion and guitar workshops) also available for $240.
To Register click on the 'REGISTER HERE' link below corresponding to the workshop you would like to attend and then click 'BUY TICKETS' at top of the page.
What to Wear:
Female students: Closed toe shoe with a solid heel of at least 3cm, ie. Character style shoe, comfortable pants or full skirt & leotard/ fitted top.
Male students: Heeled shoe or boot (preferable with a heel of at least 3 cm, such as a cuban style heel), comfortable pants and t-shirt or shirt.

Level 1: Beginners
Content: Guajiras
Guajiras with an "abanico" or fan. This is a very pretty, feminine dance with gorgeous music which will be easy to finish off and attractive to perform - so please bring a fan along with you, any size will do! (Fans and castanets available for purchase when you register)
Time/Date:   5:00pm - 6:00pm (Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th March)
                   10:00am – 11:00am (Saturday 5th March)

Total Workshop hours: 3
Cost: $65 (OR $30 per workshop)
Venue: Verrierdale Hall, 460 Verrierdale Rd, Verrierdale

Level 2: Intermediate/Advanced
Content: Alboreá
The Alboreá is a song typically sung at gypsy weddings linked to love and romance...it is a beautiful style generally danced in the compas of bulerias, but slow and earthed. The famous contemporary singer Jose Valencia includes many types of Alborea letras in his repertoire.
Time/Date:    7:00pm – 8:30pm (Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th March)
                    12:00pm – 1:30pm & 2:30pm – 4:00pm (Saturday 5th March)

Total Workshop hours: 6
Cost: $120 (OR $35 per workshop)
Venue: Verrierdale Hall, 460 Verrierdale Rd, Verrierdale

What to bring: no requirements
All Levels
Content: Palmas notions/patterns
Time/Date:   6:00pm – 7:00pm (Thursday 3rd March)
                   1:30pm – 2:30pm (Saturday 5th March)

Total Workshop hours: 2
Cost: $40 (OR $25 per workshop)
Venue: Verrierdale Hall, 460 Verrierdale Rd, Verrierdale

What to bring: percussive hand instrument (Cajon preferred)

Level 1: All Levels (beginners welcome)
Content: Cajon technique
Time/Date:   6:00pm – 7:00pm (Friday 4th March)
                   11:00am – 12:00pm (Saturday 5th March)

Total Workshop hours: 2
Cost: $40 (OR $25 per workshop)
Venue: Verrierdale Hall, 460 Verrierdale Rd, Verrierdale

What to bring: Guitar (preferably nylon string)
NB These workshop are an introduction to the flamenco guitar (not the guitar in general). Although friendly to most skill levels, a general knowledge of basic guitar chords and vocabulary is assumed.

Level 1: Technique & Rhythms
Content: An introduction to the rhythms and techniques of flamenco guitar
Content: Guitar technique
Time/Date:   4:00pm – 5:30pm (Saturday 5th March)

Total Workshop hours: 1.5
Cost: $25
Venue:  Verrierdale Hall, 460 Verrierdale Rd, Verrierdale

Content: access to all workshops
Times: as per all above
Dates:  Thursday 3rd March – Friday 5th March 2016
Cost:   $240
Venue: Verrierdale Hall, 460 Verrierdale Rd, Verrierdale


Francesca ‘La Chica” Grima (Choreographic Design / Flamenco Dancer)
Francesca ‘La Chica” Grima began her professional career in the Sevillian tablao Las Brujas and later performed for seven years at the tablao El Paclacio Andaluz, the Sala Sentir Flamenco, the reputable tablao of Curro Velez Tablao El Arenal  performing for two years alongside renowned artists such as Carmen Montoya, Loli Flores and El Jarillo and at present at the Auditorio Alvarez Quintero. In 2010 Francesca was invited as a solo artist to participate in the flamenco festival Larachi “Festival de Nuevos Valores” in Seville,  Malaga and Paris. At present Francesca is the lead dancer of the Eduardo Trassierra Flamenco Project and FYTY Carillo’s Calle Abierta, performing as part of the “Bienal de Flamenco” in Seville, Spain and touring Belgium and Holland. Francesca has also performed in the Peñas de Guardia as well as companies and flamenco productions such as Don Angel Peralta, Quienes Somos and Sentir Flamenco  alongside Rosario “La Tremendita”, Jose “El Tremendo”, Amador Rojas, and Carmelilla Montoya, as well as in the principal role of Carmen Amaya in Juan Vergillos' production La Fuente De Carmen Amaya.  For the past 10 years Francesca has been the lead dancer and choreographer of the flamenco company Puerto Flamenco touring extensively and performing in prestigious festivals such as Womad in Adelaide and New Zealand, The Pittsburgh Arts Centre in the USA, Sziget Festival in Budapest, the Sodra Teatren in Stockholm, the Malta Arts Festival, and the Brosella Jazz Festival in Brussels. Francesca runs her own flamenco studio in Seville Spain where she gives courses in flamenco dance technique and bata de cola and has given workshops in Prague, Malta, Holland, Pittsburg USA, Australia, New Zealand, Latvia and Estonia. Francesca joined the cast of Flamenco Fire in 2012.

Andrej Vujicic (Percussionist)
Born in Belgrade in 1971, Andrej Vujicic began his international career in 1999, performing at the Sydney Opera House in the show “Rajastan, the journey continues”. After moving to Seville in 2000, Andrej has gone on to study with, and perform alongside, Manolo Soler, Lole Montoya, Manuel Molina, Familia Montoya, Carmelilla Montoya, Carmen Montoya and La negra, Alba Molina, La Tana, Pastora Galvan, Enrique El Extremeño, Eduardo Trasierra, “La Tremendita”, Rosario Toledo, Encarnita Anillo, Ramon Porrina and Amador Rojas. Andrej has toured extensively over five continents, participating at important festivals such as The Montreux Jazz Festival (2004),  SZIGET(2006), Bienal de Sevilla, Festival de Jerez and Aichi Arts Centre in Nagoya (Japan) as well as participating alongside Las Montoyas and Tomasa la Macanita on TV channel Canal Sur, and recording five CDs of the Solo Compas series with Carmelilla Montoya and Manuela Rios. Andrej has given workshops and masterclasses in Seville, USA, Prague, Germany, Vienna, Holland, Estonia Latvia, Malta. He has also toured and given workshops in Australia, appearing at WOMADELAIDE, Woodford Folk Festival, Melbourne Recital Centre, Sydney Festival, as well as a collaboration with The Cat Empire at their shows in Sydney and Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne - also featuring in their Live at the Bowl DVD. Andrej joined the cast of Flamenco Fire in 2012.

Andrew Veivers (Composer / Director / Guitarist)
From the beginning, Andrew Veivers has combined the traditional study of flamenco with the formal training of the classical guitar. After graduating with a Bachelor of Music in 1993 from the University of Queensland (St. Lucia), Veivers spent 3 years studying, teaching and performing in London, Madrid and Amsterdam.

Andrew created the Flamenco Fire concept in 1999 and has continued to focus on the creative development of the production since its inception.  His vision for Flamenco Fire has been instrumental in the creative growth of the production.  With the support of the Australia Council for the Arts, Flamenco Fire’s 2010 production – Al-Andaluz – was his first commissioned work.

Building on his understanding and experiences within the flamenco idiom, Andrew has developed a very personal and clearly identifiable compositional style. His passion for both the classical and flamenco worlds of music, song, and dance have resulted in compositions that stylistically draw inspiration from greats as diverse as Manolo Sanlucar, Steve Reich, and Manuel de Falla while retaining a clearly individual lilt. Deeply rhythmical, harmonically adventurous, and unashamedly lyrical, the architecture of Veivers' compositions reflects his ability to seamlessly join the rigorous research of a topic with the emotive goal and direction of a lyric or melody.

Andrew’s recent commissioned compositional credits include - a new translation of Garcia Lorca's 'Blood Wedding' (Sydney Theatre Company 2011),  major community orchestral works for the Woodford Folk Festival (2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16), an orchestral work commissioned by Sunshine Coast Council celebrating life on the Sunshine Coast (2015), community orchestra works for Cygnet Folk Festival, The Festival of Voices and Festuri Multicultural Celebration, Cairns Festival (2014), 'Al-Andaluz' (Flamenco Fire 2010), Gypsy Pathways' (Flamenco Fire 2012) and the Floating Land Festival (2013).

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland